Privacy Policy

Basic Policy Regarding the Protection of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

ALEX Corporation will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information and will take thorough measures to protect customers' valuable personal information.

1. Procurement and Use of Personal Information

(1) Information to be procured

We will procure the personal information provided by you, the information relating to your use of our services such as your transaction records, the access information which we automatically receive upon your use of our services through the use of cookies, etc. and any other related information, in order for us to provide you with our services the ALEXCIOUS shopping website operated by us ("Website") and other services. Procured information includes following:

  • Device type and OS
  • Advertising identification number
  • IP address
  • HTTP Referer (Referrer)
  • URL, date and time accessed

(2) Purpose of Use

We will use your personal information for the purposes set forth below:

  • To confirm your identity
  • To provide our services to you (including, without limitation, processing of your orders, shipment of purchased goods, processing of your payment and provision of after-service)
  • To respond to your inquiries and requests, etc.
  • To dispatch and transmit mail magazines, brochures, sales campaign information and other information
  • To inform or notify you of seminars and events hosted by, or related to us
  • To conduct research on the "use" status of our Website or to make statistical data by using the results of such research
  • To use personal information in any other way necessary for us to provide services

2. Handling of Personal Information

(1) Disclosure of Your Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not disclose your personal information to any third party except in the cases set out below:

  • When you have provided us with your consent
  • When disclosure to third parties is permissible under the Act on the "Protection of Personal Information of Japan" or other applicable laws or regulations
  • When disclosing to service providers such as shipping companies and payment processing service providers (In such cases, we will request that service providers properly handle your personal information and will conduct necessary and adequate supervision.)
  • When we share information with a third party or third parities (please see (2) below)
  • If another company succeeds ours due to reasons such as a merger

(2) Sharing of Personal Information

Third parties other than us may, among others, provide services or sell goods to you on the Website. In such cases, we may share with such third parties the personal information provided by you in connection with the transaction between you and such third parties. Your personal information to be shared with such third parties will be your name, address, telephone number (including cell phone number and facsimile number), date of birth, gender, e-mail address and other related information. Sharing of information will be limited to any third party who provides services or sells goods to you by using us or the Website as the platform, and will be made in compliance with the purpose of use provided in "1. Procurement and Use of Personal Information." We will be responsible for supervising the shared information.

(3) Link to Other Websites

The Website may contain links to other websites. The operators of such linked websites are responsible for the protection of personal information and the contents of such websites. We have no responsibility over such websites.

3. Security measures

We will endeavor not only to keep your personal information accurate and up-to-date, but also to take reasonable technical and internal security measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, tampering, divulgement and other dangers.

4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, national guidelines and other rules related to our handling of personal information.

5. Response to Requests Regarding Personal Information

We will promptly and appropriately respond to your requests regarding your personal information, such as disclosure, corrections, additions, deletion or suspension of use, complaints, and questions.

6. Future Policy

We will endeavor to continue to reevaluate and make improvements on the above provisions relating to your personal information. This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. Please check occasionally for any updates on this Privacy Policy.

Koichiro TsujinoFounder & CEO ALEX CorporationThis privacy policy was enacted on May 25, 2018.

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